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Skilled Healing Through Functional Medicine and Chiropractic

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"I've had amazing (structural, muscular, and physical) results in such a short time with Dr. Barter! Not only is she a wonderful chiropractor but she also does Chinese cupping, Graston Technique for breaking up old scar tissue, and she will also teach and guide you using alternative medicine for your overall health!

She is a chiropractor, counselor, alternative medicine doctor, health coach, physical therapist,etc ALL wrapped up in one!"

Experience the Power of a 30-Minute
Client-Directed Session (Every Time You Visit)

Chiropractic in Longmont and Denver

Get One-of-a-Kind Care

When Cookie-Cutter Treatment Isn't Cutting It

We Diagnose the cause of inflammation, injury, and pain

We Work with other doctors and analyze your full medical history/test results

We Help you heal, not just get ongoing treatment

Functional Medicine + Advanced Chiropractic = A Totally Different Experience for your Body

What's In a 30-Minute Session

See what our functional medicine skill will do for you.
Here is what you’ll experience in each visit:

  • Health and Nutrition Consult

    We'll review how you're feeling, go over recommendations from other practitioners and test results and lab work.We'll discuss weight loss or blood sugar, any emotional blocks, and where your pain is.

    We'll incorporate nutrition and approach any chronic auto-immunity. We might recommend co-treating with other providers and make the proper referral to get you the most comprehensive care.


    Soft tissue work is often overlooked but it is critical to eliminating pain and inflammation. Chronic pain and old injuries all have one thing in common: scar tissue.

    Both deep and superficial muscle therapies are needed to break up the adhesions and completely heal the tissue. We use multiple techniques to stimulate the healing of scar tissue including Graston, dry needling, cupping, micro-current, and myofascial release, to name a few.

  • Expert Chiropractic Adjustment

    Dr. Barter and Dr. Christian have years of training, expertise and experience in helping patients not only get out of pain but also eliminate chronic conditions.

    Our doctors are well versed with helping our patients get relief from chronic and acute neck pain, headaches, back pain, TMJ, carpal tunnel, and other related conditions originating from the spine and extremities.

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