Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic provides advanced, full body adjusting utilizing state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques. We not only focus on the spine but also specialize in adjusting other parts of the body including cranials, jaws, wrists, knees, shoulders, feet and even toes.

Dr. Barter and Dr. Christian have years of training, expertise and experience in helping patients to not only get out of pain, but eliminate chronic conditions. Our doctors are well-versed with helping patients get relief from chronic and acute neck pain, headaches, back pain, TMJ dysfunction, cranial misalignment, carpal tunnel, and other related conditions originating from the spine and extremities.

Chiropractic care is not only beneficial for acute and chronic injuries, but can be used for injury prevention, to enhance athletic performance, and to help you achieve total body health.

Alternative Family Medicine is devoted to improving your overall health to reduce the risk of pain and illness. Expert treatment of issues of the spine are combined with highly effective functional medicine designed to optimize wellness and support the ecology of your body with herbal remedies, whole food nutrition, functional blood chemistry, diet modification, and lifestyle changes to help reach all your health goals.

      I have had debilitating headaches for years and have seen countless doctors, chiropractors, and had several procedures all without much relief. Jen had a unique ability to actually listen to what my body was telling her. This allowed her focus on my problem areas, whether it was joint or soft tissue related. It wasn't until I was half way home that I actually realized I hadn't felt that good in years. Range of motion, pain, tenderness and overall well-being were at a level never experienced. This is the treatment I've been praying for and she will forever have my gratitude. Highly recommended!

    thumb ryan ray

      Simply amazing results. After a very prominent chiro in Longmont told me after 6 years of regular adjustments that he couldn't get my spine in the right place anymore, I came to Dr. Barter. Her appts are 30 mins long and totally different than regular chiropractors. She removed the scar tissue that was preventing my spine from moving to the right place. I have even gained over 1 inch of height.She's helped my blood sugar and thyroid and I have lots more energy as well. I refer everyone to Alternative Family Medicine.

    thumb BV Robinson

      Dr. Christian was incredibly thorough in her treatments. The holistic approach is something that was unique from previously experiences.I work with athletes for a living and was a former college athlete myself. My knees have not allowed me to work and train the way I was accustomed to. Dr. Christian provided treatments and muscle exercises that helped significantly reduce the pain in my knees.I can't thank Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic enough for getting me back to the activities and lifestyle I want to lead!Would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!!

    thumb Robin Grossman

      I've had many many sessions with Dr Jenn Christian. She's the real-deal chiropractor. Doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (submission wrestling) at my age is maybe not the smartest thing. She's put me back together multiple times so I can keep training. She's incredibly nice, and not afraid to spend extra time on persistent problems.

    thumb Neil Collins

      A friend recommended this office and I had Dr. Jenn. She was great. I was very happy to have a great practice so close to my house. I highly recommend this office if you are in denver!

    thumb Gustav Herold