Getting In Tune With Your Body – Can You Hear Your Body’s Warning Signs?

In Chiropractic philosophy, the goal of treatment is to help the body heal naturally. We help create an environment that removes stresses or triggers to allow the body to do its own healing. Providing Chiropractic manipulations takes stress off of the nervous system and realigns the body to help it perform with more coordination, relieve strain on joints, and decrease pain. We do soft tissue techniques to stimulate healing and balance musculature and fascia. We prescribe dietary supplements to support immune, digestive, lymphatic, and energy producing pathways. We help people pinpoint dietary triggers, overwhelming stresses and often refer to different practitioners to help dial in the areas we don’t specialize. All of what we do is to help the body optimize itself, because the body has the ability to do that.

What is even more powerful is being able to recognize your own body’s warning signs before they become a bigger problem. In our culture, we tend to ignore a lot of these warning signs and in a sense normalize our symptoms. What is actually normal is to feel good in our bodies. To have ample energy, normal bowel movements, a clear mind, healthy skin, mostly level moods, and healthy strong joints. Being in chronic pain, frequent feelings of anxiety and low mood, hormonal imbalances, acne, etc. are not things you should settle for or just blame on aging or stage of life. The beautiful thing about this work is experiencing first hand and witnessing the body’s ability to heal and restore itself when we address the root issue(s).

So, what are some of these “warning signs” your body might be giving you?

· Brain fog
· Trouble recalling words
· Feeling low/ depression
· Waking up tired
· Anxiety
· Restlessness
· Chronic bloating
· Acne
· Low libido
· Feeling like cement while working out
· Exhaustion after working out
· Feeling feverish or like you might get sick after working out
· Allergies
· Chronic sinus congestion/ phlegm
· Morning nausea (not related to pregnancy)
· Losing enjoyment in normal activities
· Low grade headaches
· Dry, flaky skin
· Becoming vegetarian/vegan because your body “doesn’t like meat”
· Rashes
· Brittle hair and/or nails
· Not having a full bowel movement daily
· Diarrhea
· Difficulty losing weight
· Vitamin D deficiency with ample amounts of sunlight

These symptoms are all signs that something in your body isn’t quite performing at 100%. What we aim to do with Chiropractic and Functional Medicine is to help you pinpoint what the stressor(s) is and remove it.

Chronic illness often arises from several small, constant stresses to the body. This is not a hard and fast rule; there are always exceptions. However, many chronic illnesses can be prevented and/or reversed. What symptoms are you tolerating or normalizing for yourself?

Ann Barter

Dr. Ann Barter & Dr. Jennifer Christian

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