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6 Reasons Why

Your Child Needs Chiropractic Care

Many of the new chiropractic techniques utilized by Dr. Barter and Dr. Christian are tailored to provide optimal comfort and efficacy. They focus on getting results using the most advanced and effective chiropractic techniques that not only beneficial to adults but also children as well. Below are a few reasons why your child may need chiropractic care along with how they may benefit from it.
Young boy trying to make himself taller with watering can measuring his growth in height against a blackboard scale
1. They are constantly growing. – Aren’t we always surprised how fast our kids grow? Well, growing fast also means that your child is always getting used to their new body and might be more clumsy. Getting them adjusted is a great way to make sure that their spine is aligned while they continue to grow. It can also help to reduce any muscle tightness that is causing aches and pains as they grow.
Girl Is Crying And Sitting Next To Her Bicycle, fell down from bike, got hurt
2. They are active and have frequent falls. – If you are a parent, you have probably stopped counting how many times your kids fall. Falls can create spinal misalignments and muscle tightness that can cause frequent pain and discomfort for your child.
child on stomach
3. They often sleep on their stomachs. – When your child sleeps on their stomach, they are probably spending many hours each night with their neck rotated to one side. This causes compression on one side of the neck and the other side is usually over stretched. Chiropractic care can usually help decrease pain in the neck while your kids learn to sleep on their side or back.
Asian child have a neck pain, his hand on neck, emotion feeling sign. Isolated on white background. Boy with a painful gesture. Negative human emotion, facial expression feeling reaction. Studio shot.
4. They complain of pain. – If your child reports pain after a fall on the playground, after waking in the morning, or with regular daily activities, it is probably a good idea to have their spines checked for misalignments and muscle spasms.
5. They have infant torticollis from the birthing process. – Birth is not just traumatic for Mom – it’s also a significant event for your child! Many babies are born with infant torticollis. This causes their neck to be rotated to one side due to tight muscles in the front and back of the neck. Chiropractic care can help to reduce your child’s symptoms and balance the neck muscles. (1)
6. They have trouble with breastfeeding and colic. – Chiropractic care and bodywork can help babies latch on during breastfeeding, can relieve suckling difficulties and help reduce the occurrence of colic. If you have been struggling to get going with breastfeeding, chiropractic might be a good place to start. (2)

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