It’s All In Your Head: Healing Chronic Head and Neck Pain Caused by Hidden Past Head Traumas

November 10, 2016 by Ann Barter

In my practice I see a lot of patients suffering the effects of past head traumas without even knowing it. The origin of these injuries have a variety of causes from the common whiplash to blunt force trauma by way of horse hoof or fist.

The solution is sometimes as simple as cranial adjusting.

These patients have symptoms ranging from mild and chronic to severe interference with their quality of living. Typically they present with chronic headaches, migraines, neck pain, breathing difficulties (deviated septum), brain fog, difficulty concentrating, mild loss of coordination, head and eye pressure, and sinus congestion symptoms. I have seen many of these patients symptoms not only decrease in severity, but often times alleviate all together.

And here is how it works:

There are 8 major plates in the skull (22 bones total) all having a specific motion. Just like any other joint in the body. When one or more bones lose motion or become stuck, it affects the whole cranium and even affects function of your brain. Your brain, just like any other organ needs nutrients and also needs to rid itself of metabolic bi-products or toxins. It does that by circulating blood, oxygen and cerebrospinal fluid via the motion of the cranial bones acting more or less as a pump. If you google the human skull, or cranial bones you can see these suture joints are almost like teeth articulation. They have just enough room to slightly expand and contract (we’re talking fractions of a millimeter here). Restrictions in the motion of these bones can lead to decreased circulation to certain parts of the brain.

[pullquote]Have You Ever had, or known someone that suffered a concussion and just wasn’t ever quite the same? Maybe you experience headaches daily or your concentration isn’t what it used to be.[/pullquote]

When an area in the body starts losing motion or circulation, it starts to degenerate. If you didn’t know, it is dangerous to cast/immobilize a broken bone for too long for this exact reason. The result of long term immobilization is muscle wasting and loss of bone density in that area. Once motion and circulation are restored, bone density improves and muscle grows back. We need motion and circulation to support life.You are experiencing some level of degeneration and suboptimal function. The same rings true for head injuries and concussions. Now this is on a varying scale, but definitely plays a role in your brain’s function. Specialized cranial adjusting can help to restore movement to the joints of the skull and help to alleviate symptoms like chronic headaches, neck pains, and even low back pain. You may be thinking, “Did she just say low back pain?”. Indeed I did.

You have these things called meninges. This word sounds a lot like meningitis, because meningitis actually means inflammation of the meninges (caused by virus or bacteria).

A common symptom of this infection is headache and a stiff neck.

Here is why:

The meninges are a protective layer (actually 3 layers) that surround the brain, attach to the base of your skull, continue on to wrap around your spinal cord and finally insert into your sacrum (that triangle bone in your pelvis).  So when a lot of tension or pressure is put on them they create these symptoms. Mind blown right? What I’m saying is that a head trauma could potentially cause low back problems and vice versa, and it’s treatable!

I had the honor of learning about cranial adjusting with Dr. Turner. Dr. Turner is a Chiropractor based in Canada. He has done extensive research on this topic and primarily treats head traumas. He has had incredible results with everything from concussed patients, sleeping problems, brain fog, and non-verbal autistic children (who start speaking for the first time after treatment! Incredible).

His journey actually started after his son sustained a substantial concussion. He went from a straight A student, to almost failing out of school prior to treatment. Using his specific technique he developed, he was able to return his son back to normal function.

[pullquote]I cannot stress how important these treatments are. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms and think this may be your problem you will not regret seeking out cranial adjusting. You don’t have to live with these symptoms.[/pullquote]


Discover a new you today!

Discover a new you today!

Copyright by Alternative Family Medicine 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Alternative Family Medicine 2019. All rights reserved.