When Injuries Just Won’t Go Away: Scar Tissue

Have you ever had an injury you didn’t consider to be “that bad” come back to bite you years later? Remember that time you rolled your ankle playing tennis? Or that embarrassing “yard sale” you had on the mountain? What about that fender bender 20 years ago?

Chronic pain and old injuries all have one thing in common: scar tissue.

When you initially get injured your body lays down collagen fibers in every which way to stabilize the area, i.e. scar tissue.  Your body is bracing for the next traumatic event.  The stabilizing mechanism of your body is incredible but later on does not serve you.  Muscle fiber should lay down parallel to allow the muscle to stretch.  If the muscle fibers are perpendicular, this does not allow the muscle to stretch and contract properly without feeling tight or painful.  

Multiple techniques help the healing of scar tissue and they are healed in different layers. Graston is extremely effective at working the superficial layers of the skin.   Cupping and cupping with movement, applies suction to break up broader adhesions and make sure the muscle and fascia are no longer adhered. Dry needling is a deeper and more focal treatment, that penetrates the skin, fascia and muscles to stimulate healing. We have the ability to work broad and superficial healing the tissues, layer by layer.  

Both deep and superficial muscle therapies are needed to break up adhesions and heal the tissue.  

This allows our patients to get back to their activities of daily living without limitation and completely heal that old injury that has been hanging around for years.  

Some common feedback we hear from patients after treating scar tissue: “I didn’t know how it was supposed to feel”, “I was just so used to not being able to lift my arm over my head”, “I thought my back was always just going to give out”.  We are able to find and target the tissue that needs help through a specialized muscle testing technique, to bring your body into balance.

Scar tissue is a major contributor to pain, or why a certain area of the body chronically feels or goes “out”. To fully heal the muscle it is necessary to address the scar tissue, so that old injury doesn’t keep coming back.

Ann Barter

Dr. Ann Barter & Dr. Jennifer Christian

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