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Expect Miracles Podcast

Expect Miracles Podcast

June 14, 2023 by admin

Your health should be your biggest priority. Chiropractic and integrative care specialist Dr. Ann Barter says taking care of your health earlier is a huge gift. She sees a lot of people coming in who’ve put their health on the back burner for many years and think that they can get it back. From thyroid issues, infections, infertility issues in women, overall fatigue, and overall wellbeing, Dr. Barter has seen it all. As someone who had struggled with some stress and anxiety issues herself, Dr. Barter realized what some of her clients were going through. That’s what got her into Neurotransmitter Therapy and neuro-supplementation. Dr. Barter explains how neurotransmitter deficiency is causing a lot of conditions, and why it’s important to supplement our neurotransmitter and keep the gut microbiome healthy.


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