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Functional Blood Chemistry is the most effective, efficient, and affordable way to analyze the degree of health or disease of your body. It is a snapshot of the current state of your health evaluating everything from blood sugar, to thyroid function, to the integrity of your gut and much more.

Functional blood chemistry uses the same lab work taken by your medical doctor and interpreted on a different scale. This is different than the traditional medical model which is focused on disease management verses looking at a narrower reference range to focus on disease prevention. Blood work is a standard deviation of the population which means we are all compared to each other. Having normal blood work doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy, it just means you are average. Symptoms like low energy, low grade depression, acne, sugar cravings, anxiety, and sleep disturbances all show up as “normal” on your blood work. Do you want to be average? Or do you want to eliminate food sensitivities and chronic issues, and feel healthy and vibrant? We combine your symptoms and lab results to create individualized nutritional protocols tailored to your needs.