Elbow pain

Millions of people suffer from elbow pain every year. Elbow pain can occur when we perform repetitive motions all day at work or play sports that irritate the tendons attaching at the elbow. In the case of a fall or accident, we would refer you for an xray to rule out any fractures.

What is the difference between a golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow?

Golfer’s and tennis elbow are quite similar. They are both an inflammation of the elbow joint but the location of overuse is different. In golfer’s elbow the pain is located on the side closest to your body (with the palm facing up) versus Tennis elbow pain is located on the outer side of the elbow with the palm facing up.

Other causes of elbow pain? 

Elbow pain can also occur during overuse of the biceps and triceps as well for example in weightlifting. The pain is located at the end of the biceps muscle or triceps muscle. People who type all day, can have increased forearm and elbow pain. Long hours of typing can create tight bands and trigger points in the forearm muscles and create elbow pain.

What are some treatments for elbow pain?

Stretching and icing are great strategies for at home treatment. In the office, we will check the joint to make sure that it does not have limited motion. Shockwave therapy and dry needling are very effective in breaking scar tissue and increasing blood flow respectively.  Addressing any muscle imbalances in the forearm and arm can help to stabilize the area.

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