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Even here in the dry climate of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado we are seeing a large number of our patients testing positive for Mycotoxins, or rather, toxins released after a profound or prolonged exposure to any number of species of mold, although Black Mold is generally the strain of mold most often responsible for making people sick.

Mold can be an issue anywhere. But in areas that have seen devastating flooding and/or a high number of water leaks (think about all those bursting pipes in winter here) combined with drying conditions that are less than ideal (under flooring, behind walls/ceilings) and you can begin to see how mold illnesses in Colorado are accounting for a large portion of the symptoms many are experiencing but are having trouble getting diagnosed correctly.

Illnesses who owe their origins to toxic mold exposure can manifest in several ways. That said, not all symptoms must be present to qualify as a mold related issue.

– Inability to lose weight despite being compliant with efforts to do so
– Extreme fatigue
– Coughing/wheezing
– Chronic respiratory infections
– Vertigo/dizziness
– Joint pain
– Unexplained rashes
– Itchy eyes and/or skin
– Chronic sore throat
– Depression and/or anxiety

There is a simple urine test for confirming Mycotoxin exposure and we strongly recommend it. You can read more about the Great Plains Laboratory’s Mycotox Screen here.

Once the diagnosis has been confirmed our patients have been seeing spectacular results following a limited diet and a natural, proprietary protocol consisting of liposomal Glutathione, an additional Glutathione precursor, a low Sulphur binder and a member of the green algae family rich in antioxidants. The protocol can vary in length due to the nature of the exposure and severity of associated symptoms. It is also important that people suffering from mold illnesses have the offending location tested by a company like Mold Inspection Sciences, then mitigated by a company such as Green Homes Solutions.

If you find yourself suffering from the symptoms above, seem to come up blank when you’re checked out by your traditional healthcare provider and suspect you have had serious exposure to mold, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment now and request being tested before continuing to suffer needlessly. Mold illnesses can easily masquerade as many other conditions and is highly treatable.

Dr. Barter and Dr. Christian are amazing practitioners. I am always consulting with them before making my next health move. They have helped me to find all the right supplements I need to support my body and have helped me to improve my health immensely. Dr. Christian’s adjustments always get me back into good form and help balance out my emotions. I strongly recommend this place.

-Jess C.

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