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Have you ever had an injury you didn’t consider to be “that bad” come back to bite you years later? Remember that time you rolled your ankle playing tennis? Or that embarrassing “yard sale” you had on the mountain? What about that fender bender 20 years ago?

Chronic pain and old injuries all have one thing in common: scar tissue.
We use multiple techniques to stimulate the healing of scar tissue including Graston, dry needling, cupping, micro-current, and myofascial release. When an injury occurs in a person’s body, the body tries to stabilize the area quickly as possible by laying down new collagen fibers in every direction.
Ideally for the muscle to function properly, these collagen fibers should be running parallel to each other. In order to allow the area to heal optimally it is important to use a variety of scar tissue therapies during the different stages of healing.
Deep and superficial muscle therapies are needed to break up the adhesions and completely heal the tissue. This allows the patient to get back to their activities of daily living without limitation and completely heal that old injury that has been hanging around for years.

Feel Better than You Might Imagine Now

Common feedback we hear, “I didn’t know how it was supposed to feel”, “I was just so used to not being able to lift my arm over my head”, “I thought my back was always just going to give out”. We are able to find and target the tissue that needs help through a specialized muscle testing technique, to bring your body into balance.

– Michael B.

I found Dr. Barter online and scheduled an appointment. I have had multiple car accidents and a concussion. I went in for an initial visit. She used a very holistic approach to treatment. I would say that after seeing other chiropractors for months, she got me feeling better in one treatment. I can turn my head and I cried. I was so nervous about being cracked and she was very understanding and assured me that we could do it another way. I’m so happy I gave chiropractic another shot.