Sports Medicine

At Alternative Family Medicine we are no stranger to sports injuries.

We understand how important it is to be able to participate fully in the sports and activities we love, which is why we provide not only treatment for injuries when they happen, but we work to help prevent them and aid in ongoing, efficient training recovery as well.

In our office we treat everyone from weekend warriors, triathletes, Crossfitters, competitive cyclists and those starting exercise or sports for the first time. We stick to a theme of treating the whole person; We incorporate structural alignment, muscle balancing, movement patterns and nutritional considerations into our treatments.

We provide the following Chiropractic treatments (as indicated):

– Diversified adjusting
– Graston
– Dry needling
– Corrective exercises
– Custom Orthotics
– Taping (Kinesiotaping)
– The Importance of Proper Structural Alignment

When it comes to athletic performance, fine tuning the body’s structural alignment can have a huge impact on how well we perform. The treatments we provide aid in quicker recovery, injury prevention and improved performance.

Consider this example: If one is compensating for a past injury or suffering the effects of asymmetrical flexibility, from say, ankle to ankle, their running, biking or squatting is going to be inefficient (i.e. less power / more energy output). Simple stretching exercises alone are not going to create the performance improvement they are looking for. This imbalance will lead to muscle groups not firing properly, putting strain on other joints (hello, IT Band Syndrome and pain on the outside of the knee at Mile 2 or 7!).

Another common scenario: After a gait analysis has anyone ever told you your glutes weren’t firing or engaging properly? This is due to an underlying issue in your Biomechanics and can result in injury over time. This is also completely preventable. With proper treatment and corrective exercises we can help you fine tune your performance and decrease your risk of injury.

Functional Blood Chemistry & Personalized Nutrition

Believe it or not, another common challenge among athletes is improper nutrition. Even when they’ve diligently researched nutrition for their sport, made commitments to various dietary protocols and truly believed they are eating and supplementing the best they can. The struggle is real, we know. Unfortunately, issues of this nature are often due to causes unbeknownst to the individual and easy to correct.

When it comes to optimal performance, recovery, and injury prevention, proper nutrition plays a critical role. Personalized Nutrition takes things to another level.

All bodies are unique, of course, but athletes looking to get the very most out of their bodies need to consider whether they are absorbing their vitamins and minerals properly, whether they are able to metabolize nutrients and micronutrients efficiently (or at all, in some cases), and that they are not unwittingly creating a system hospitable to inflammation, unnecessary fatigue, or worse, exacerbating an autoimmune response because of a food sensitivity they never knew they had.

We never make broad recommendations to our patients because we are able to access unique insight into how your body is performing using our expertise in analyzing Functional Blood Chemistry.

In short, when blood and other types of lab work are analyzed by many traditional health practitioners, the scale of which could be considered on the “good/bad” scale, that is called a reference range. The standard reference range in which to tell a patient they are “normal” (or not, or off-the-charts-spectacular) is based on an average of the populace. Sounds reasonable, right? But with Functional Medicine, there’s just simply better ways to analyze standard and specialized tests that take the patient themselves into consideration, not in comparison to average. You are not average. Just because you have been told your labs are “normal” in the past does not mean you are at your healthiest, nor does it mean that there aren’t things we should address

We often recommend comprehensive blood tests, food sensitivity tests, such as the Cyrex Array 4 or 10, and hormone testing (incredibly important, especially for men, aka testosterone).

Once we review your labs we are able to provide personalized dietary guidance along with recommendations for Therapeutic-grade nutritional supplementation in order to help support the systems that aren’t performing optimally. We then monitor your progress and help you achieve your biggest goals!

Many of the new chiropractic techniques utilized by Dr. Barter and Dr. Christian are tailored to provide optimal comfort and efficacy. They focus on getting results using the most advanced and effective chiropractic techniques.Longmont Chiropractic Care

Dr. Barter and Dr. Christian have years of training, experience and expertise in not only alleviating their patients’ pain but also eliminating chronic conditions. Our doctors are well versed in helping our patients get relief from chronic and acute neck pain, headaches, back pain, TMJ dysfunction, cranial misalignment, carpal tunnel, and other related conditions originating from the spine and extremities.

Chiropractic care is not only beneficial for acute and chronic injuries, but should be used for injury prevention, enhancing athletic performance and helping achieve total body health and wellness.

Dr. Barter and Dr. Christian are amazing practitioners. I am always consulting with them before making my next health move. They have helped me to find all the right supplements I need to support my body and have helped me to improve my health immensely. Dr. Christian’s adjustments always get me back into good form and help balance out my emotions. I strongly recommend this place.

-Jess C.

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Copyright by Alternative Family Medicine 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Alternative Family Medicine 2019. All rights reserved.