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Scar tissue after surgery is often overlooked. Anything from C-sections and appendectomies, to hip replacements and deep cuts. What comes with these scars is much more than meets they eye. The anatomy is changed both above and below the surface resulting in altered feedback to your brain.

In practice we have seen many people coming through after surgery with increased back pain, altered coordination, fear of injury from simple activities, restricted movement, and a decrease or loss of sensation. Many patients begin to accept these restrictions on their body as their new normal. It doesn’t have to be. read more


Have you ever had an injury you didn’t consider to be “that bad” come back to bite you years later? Remember that time you rolled your ankle playing tennis? Or that embarrassing “yard sale” you had on the mountain? What about that fender bender 20 years ago?

Chronic pain and old injuries all have one thing in common: scar tissue.

When you initially get injured your body lays down collagen fibers in every which way to stabilize the area, i.e. scar tissue.  Your body is bracing for the next traumatic event.  The stabilizing mechanism of your body is incredible but later on does not serve you.  Muscle fiber should lay down parallel to allow the muscle to stretch.  If the muscle fibers are perpendicular, this does not allow the muscle to stretch and contract properly without feeling tight or painful.   read more